10 Makeup + Hair Products I Wish I Didn’t Buy

I finally collected ten things that I’ve used in the past year or 2 that I just really wish I didn’t buy. We all have those purchases that we look back on and regret!

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  1. Krismantie Claudia says:

    love this! your thumbnails are amazing! looking forward to see more of your content in the future. I also have a youtube channel, maybe we can support each other? x

  2. Ivory Cherry says:

    omg I’ve never seen any bad things about the super shock shadows. but thank you for informing me so I know I can avoid it! and the packaging seems kinda bulky if the amount of product is so thin. thats so misleading

    • ColletteisaBear says:

      Yeah I don’t know why they dried so fast! I was kind of bummed too that some of the colors didn’t really match what I thought they would. I even went back and watched my old video on it to see if I was remembering it wrong but I definitely wasnt! I want to try a palette from them at some point though.

  3. KG Paradise says:

    Yes your so right ! The renaissance pallet is just a great go-to, one of my favorites!. 👏😁 you mentioned so many great products here ! Great job ! 😃

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