1970s Makeup and Hair Tutorial for Army Girls -1970

1970s makeup and hairstyle tutorial for young women in the US army. Filmed in 1970. This was a grooming and military etiquette film for girls joining the WAC. Starting in a hair salon where the hair stylist gives our girl a smart coiffure to be worn under her cap. Then on to the beauty parlor for a makeover. I love those southern twangs and that hair dresser is pure ASMR.
Produced by The Army Pictorial Service.


  1. KrazyOldKatLady 19 says:

    “Tom. Now there’s a really swinging guy!”🤣

  2. Brad Burkley says:

    Pvt. Manning biographies.

  3. TheJassiJaz says:

    An individual set of problems… come on. 😂

  4. juliana mitchell says:

    So this is the 50s, telling the 60s what to do…in the 70s…lol

  5. juliana mitchell says:

    It’s all so confusing!!!!

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