1st Time Shopping at Walmart -Skincare, Makeup and Clothes – Mature Women

I made it to Wall-Mart and show you my haul. Makeup, skincare, and clothes. I had so much fun learning the store and shopping! I
try on the clothes I bought and show the makeup I picked out. Kokie, Flower Beauty, and Olay Eyes! I took the plunge! AND….I talk a lot about a new cream to go with my Carrot Seed Oil: Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream, Antioxidant Rich Night Cream to Help Firm, Tone & Even Skin. I give you a Desi update and we send our love to you all and hope you have a great spring weekend planned! xxoo Love always, Sues & Desi
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Her fashion you asked?

She never looked nice, she looked like art.

Art wasn’t supposed to look nice.

Art is created to make you

feel something real.

Fashion reveals you, wherever you may find it

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No portion of this video is sponsored and I bought all products with my own money 🙂 ~ ~ I talk a lot about a new cream to go with my Carrot Seed Oil:

Andalou Naturals Purple Carrot + C Luminous Night Cream, 1.7 oz.,

Antioxidant Rich Night Cream to Help Firm, Tone & Even Skin –

$19.50 Look For Sales or Coupons! –

Fruit stem cell complex, vitamin C, and purple carrot, rich in anthocyanin & antioxidants for a lighter, tighter, brighter looking appearance and a luminous complexion. The more you use it, the more it changes and you grow to love the cream and love your skin.
CHANNEL MENTION: Best & Worst | Flower Beauty @ Wal-Mart By
Jessica Braun –
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– All Products Shown I Bought With my Own Money -This Is Not a Sponsored Video


✔ Flower Web Site 🙂 Lots of Fun Stuff!

1. Marylyn Monroe Calendar – $8.00 –

2. Kokie Foundation – no 🙂 ( Looks Great For Videos and Pictures) I htink it looks very good on camera…!!!

3. HARD CANDY – Lip Gloss & Plumper –

4. Hard Candy Eye Shadow Palette – All Matte –
How great is this eye-shadow palette???

5. Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Cream Treatment to Reduce the look of Deep Wrinkles $23.00 Look for Coupons!

6. ✔Open Cardigan Tan –
$34.90 ( Not Walmart)

✔Terra & Sky Wal-Mart Brand – EXACT MATCH – $16.97

7. Open Cardigan Wine – $16.97 As Shown in Video

8. Tassel Earrings – white
✔Tassel Earrings- Black – ==== Must Have
or These!!!

9. FLOWER Beauty Mascara –

10: Lip Chestnut Kisses – The Shade I am Wearing –

My Pink Blush Hand Bag –
✔ Kenneth Cole Reaction GINA TOTE =
$99.00 But Is On Sale
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  1. LittlePoet says:

    I am from Michigan and Meijer is where we all grocery shop and buy our weekly needs. I film at Meijer almost every week. Walmart is not big here and many people I am sure would not know where Walmart is. The store on my side of town is tucked away and not in a popular area! This is Meijer country! LOL…Happy Weekend!!!! xxoo Sues & The Dez

    • Linda Beck says:

      Janna Lynn Janna , Hi I used to live right beside Grand Haven ! I got transferred to Muskegon Michigan & I lived in Norton Shores on Lake Michigan. I love that area a lot!

    • LittlePoet says:

      Hi Dawn! Oh I love dishing about my Meijer store!!! And really, I am not the last to know? Oh my goodness, you made me feel so much better!!!! The biggest thing I notice with this new carrot kick I am on is I can no longer look in the mirror and know if I have makeup on my skin. I could cry. I really thought the only way to get an even skin tone at my age ( 100) is to get a laser treatment….so I am thrilled….!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for being here :)!Chubby Sticks! Must have!

    • Dawn's Life, over 40 says:

      Hi Susan! I’m in Illinois, and Meijer is my store too. Our Walmart isn’t super close either. I get super excited when I get to shop at Walmart!! They have Milani and Hard Candy that Meijer doesn’t carry!! I had no idea Drew owned Flower brand!! See you weren’t the last to know. I am! 😂🤣Looks like you had fun at Walmart!! I love Andalou and have tried many of their products. Im going to try that cream. I like the purple one that has resverstrol (sp?) and Q10. Congratulations to Desi!!!!! I’m glad you had a romantic week too💗💗💗💗 love, Dawn

    • Betty Ugolini says:

      I lived in Muskegon and remember Meijer Thrifty Acres. It was a huge deal when they expanded and offered food

  2. Sherrie561 says:

    I am between Detroit and Ann Arbor and my go to store is Target!! They have a grocery now, West side MI needs more Targets. lol Fun video Susan.

  3. Deana Wells says:

    I have seen good results from the Olay eyes. Not fantastic results but good.

  4. Deana Wells says:

    Get the Light Illusion foundation a great product for mature skin. You will glow from with in look. Her blush is amazing also.

  5. Deana Wells says:

    The dry eyes game seems to change for me yearly….very frustrating

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