3-In-1 GRWM | Let’s Talk R. Kelly! (Makeup, Hair & Outfit)

Hey Tribe, in this video, I do a 3-in-1 GRWM Look! So that’s makeup, hair, and outfit. I talk about R. Kelly and other news.

I’m so excited to do this video for you guys, it’s new year, new me and BETTER VIDEOS!
so sit back and relax and enjoy this long video lol

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  1. Becky Walker says:

    Good job.

  2. Ayo Joy 2 the World says:

    Outfit # 2 is the winner! Love jackets like that.

  3. Evan ahuh says:

    #Muterkelly luv u 💖💖💖

  4. Kemmiko Miles says:

    I like the black leather jacket and the semi long black blazer. Get it gurl. Your makeup is beautiful🤗💕

  5. sassy BISH says:

    Is the background music really you singing??

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