5 Different Styles of Wearing Saree For Wedding |Look Slim & Tall|Tips & Ideas to Drape Saree Pallu

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Different Styles Of Wearing Saree – Step By Step
Tamil Style –
Use a silk saree for this method. Tuck the end of the saree (non- pallu end) on the right side and bring it around the waist to the back side, tuck it in fully while doing the same. Bring it towards the front again and tuck it on the sides twice, leaving some length of fabric in between as shown. Bring the saree around the waist again towards the front. Now pleat the front end (pallu end) making as many pleats as needed. Now place the pleated pallu on the left shoulder and secure with a pin. Now make pleats with the fabric left in between the waist. Adjust the pleats in the front and tuck it in as per the flow needed for the person’s height, while doing this adjust the fabric neatly near the waist and then tuck it in the center.

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