$7 Essence Fresh and Fit Awake Makeup Foundation Review + Wear Test!

In today’s video I’m testing out a new foundation from Essence and it retails for $7! In this video I’ll show my applying it as well as taking you throughout my day to see how it holds up and wears. Let me know if you’ve ever tried anything from this brand before.

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  1. J.Anthony says:

    Beautiful as ever 😍

  2. Helene Nihouarn says:

    I never used foundation from Essence…only liners and mascaras…pretty good

    • Twiggy Vittoria says:

      +Helene Nihouarn thank you so much! That means a lot to me.

    • Helene Nihouarn says:

      Twiggy Vittoria I always wait for your vidéos! You are charismatic …is that correct in english 😜🤔

    • Twiggy Vittoria says:

      +Helene Nihouarn I like so many of their products but the shade range on this is so sad. I hope they correct that issue. Thank you for watching!

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