So guys I hit up the drug store and did a full one brand first impressions of Bourjois!
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  1. Patricia Bright says:

    Hey Beautiful people! So guys I hit up the drug store and did a full one-brand first impressions of Bourjois! let me know if there’s any other brands and products you want me to review, and I’ll have a new video up this weekend so keep an eye out! xx

    • Chatti Natti TV says:

      It looks lovely! Try make up revolution. 💄

    • nour bouaziz says:

      Artdeco, i dont if you have it in the UK

    • G Bolaji says:

      Hello Patricia!! Love your vidoes!! And I think you are fab in general! I sent an email to you last night and really hoping you see it and respond! It’s about skincare…please help! Thanks in advance!xxx

    • Mela Genie says:

      Make up revolution

    • Rosemary kwofie says:

      Hey! Love your channel, big up to you on the glamour cover and hair business. I have used bourjois matte lipsticks and they have a lovely range of colours but after a couple hours the formula tends to cause serious dryness and chapping. So i use a balm first. Kisses to your baby

  2. Reese Spoons says:

    I love your hair! 😍😍😍😍

  3. Hailey's Comments says:

    The way you say vitamins kills me. I love your accent lol

  4. Andrea Pearsall says:


  5. CheckeredMind says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand before. 👌🏼🤗

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