Application Tips Using YOUNIQUE TOUCH Stick Foundation

YOUNIQUE TOUCH Stick Foundation
Use this multipurpose product in four ways!
Apply as foundation:
Apply stick foundation directly to face. Starting at the center of your face, apply around the nose, chin, and forehead.
Blend outward using your desired foundation brush. We recommend the YOUNIQUE kabuki brush.

Apply as concealer:
Apply additional coverage over your foundation to conceal imperfections.
Blend softly outward with the YOUNIQUE concealer brush, or brush of your choice.

Highlight & contour:
Combine it with other shades for highlighting and contouring to get a defined, sculpted look in no time.

Apply as touch-up:
Identify touch-up areas in your foundation or concealer, careful to avoid blush.
Blend using a gentle buffing motion, not rubbing too hard as it may smudge your base makeup.

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