Best Makeup Foundation for Acne Skin

Best Makeup Foundation for Acne skin is here:

if you have acne prone skin or have struggled with acne skin for years then you know the challenges of finding a good makeup foundation that not only lasts all day, but does not make your acne worse.

This video talks about the best foundation makeup for acne prone and oily skin, ladies if you have struggled with acne, large pores, and oily skin then you know what I am talking about – the struggle is real!!! I have very specific criteria for a perfect foundation, must help my acne, last ALL DAY, not be too dry or too oily, and fill in, hide my large pores. I have finally found the perfect foundation that does all of these things and I love it. I share it with you in this simple video. I use a sponge to apply this makeup and press it into my large pores and it fills them in and hides them better than anything I have used. And it lasts twice as long as other foundations I have used due to the high pigmentation.

The foundation color I am wearing is Gena Beige. You can get it at:

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    Good info. Thank you!!!

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