BIG MAKEUP DECLUTTER 2018 | Foundations, Concealers & Powders

As we’ve been doing these makeup declutter videos, I’ve been most excited to destash my foundations, concealers and powders. My collection has gotten completely out of hand and I’ve been hoarding far too long.

My next declutter video will actually be my CLOSET!! So excited!

✭ K E E P I N T O U C H ✭

✭ J O I N T H E F A C E B O OK G R O U P ✭


  1. AlyssumCandy says:

    Your hair looks beautiful

  2. Vivi Ro says:


  3. Sheila Folan says:

    The Milani foundation is so so amazing, Love it. Wow that Rimmel Stay Matte looks so great, milestone go that one a go

  4. jo_ v80 says:

    I also use the it cosmetics CC cream. It’s the most expensive makeup I own but I love it for hot sunny days 🙂

  5. David Flores says:

    As someone who wants to get started with makeup, these videos help a lot!! Thanks 🙂

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