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Daniel Martin made international headlines when he was identified as Meghan Markle’s makeup artist for the royal wedding. The Duchess’s peachy, glowy, and minimalist beauty look was a Martin signature; he uses makeup to bring out the most beautiful features of his clients, not to cover, alter, or hide them.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise at all then that companies send Martin tons and tons of makeup from all over the world—so much so that he needed to rent a storage until to keep track of it all. In this episode of #BeautyStash, Martin unlocked the door to his Manhattan Mini Storage room to give us a sneak peek at some of his favorite products—and do a little shopping of our own.

Check out all the products mentioned in this video here: https://bit.ly/2zZ6Yi2

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  1. Harper's BAZAAR says:

    Whose epic Beauty Stash do you want to see? Comment in our community tab for who you think would be perfect for this series, and check back to the tab for sneak previews of all the beauty glory to come. Shout-out to @khadija ghaniezadeh for guessing who we’re featuring this week!

  2. AnneMarie Bliss says:

    That foreo eye massager is amazing. I got it becausmy eyelid would twitch. Drove me insane. This treated it and it has gone away. That was over a year ago.

    • Jenna Rosenstein says:

      That is so cool! My eye twitch only went away after I got Botox on my crow’s feet lol. It was such a relief!

  3. Kimberley Mole says:

    Love this 🙌😻

  4. mimi Youke says:

    If That girl says “Oh my God” One more time…… There are other expression you know? it’s like nails on a chalkboard

  5. India Bliss says:

    Beautiful man

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