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Hey loves! Here’s another addition to the CHANEL makeup 101 series and today we’re going over foundations! I personally love these and I hope I can help you guys choose your perfect one! Thank you for watching! xoxo

Just in case you guys wanted to give your girl some love and support me and my sales numbers, feel free to call my counter and just ask for me! We can always chat for a little! 😉

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  1. Tiraporn Huangsuwan says:

    What is your blush on shade ? You look gorgeous!

  2. Nikki Chow says:

    Who’s the dumbass that hit the dislike button tho 🤔

    • DreDreDoesMakeup says:

      Lmao I always ask myself that question. There’s literally one for every video. Usually it’s just one. So it’s probably a troll lol what is the use of the thumbs down button anyway?

  3. cassykg says:

    what primer would you use with the le teint ultra tenue? i currently use the makeup forever step 1 mattifying primer. lol soo i’m not sure what to use.

    • DreDreDoesMakeup says:

      Lol you can totally use it! But just make sure to use the smoothing primer right over it to make sure the foundation doesn’t stick. I mentioned that I had that issue in the video. Something like benefit porefessional or the Makeup Forever Smoothing primer works too!

  4. Michelle Cordich says:

    Enjoying your content! I enjoyed meeting you during the trend show. 🙂

    • DreDreDoesMakeup says:

      Likewise! Thank you for watching! Please stop by again soon! We’re getting renovated so our counter is going to look amazing!

  5. Janet Steinman says:

    (3) cushion (4) powder foundation

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