Chanel Makeup Unboxing and Parfum Sycomore AND LIPS

Made in France my beloved Chanel. Off from work leaves me some time to walk over to the NYC boutique on 57 Street. Please join me at my etagere as I unbox a LIPS haul featuring: le crayon levers 34 Natural, rouge Coco gloss 728 rose pulpe, rouge Coco lipstick 420 vera, Hydra beauty baume levres, and three generous samples of the beautiful vetiver Parfum named Sycomore. Thank you for watching my video. Music on the soundsystem directly from the Chanel Show Paris-Bombay Metiers d’Art on December 6, 2011. Soundtrack credits: “Charu’s Theme, Satyajit Ray, “Seer” (Psychis Ills Remix), Moon Duo, “Good Day Today”, David Lynch


  1. Jody Howarth says:

    Goodmorning sweet girl!I love what you got!! Wishing we had the smaller parfum bottles at our chanel counter, would love to try the exclusives.Yes vera ,and rose pulp are gonna be great this spring and summer, i was wearing vera and cecile most of last year.Have you tried the rouge coco shines?I use those mostly in winter,my favs are boy, secret is the ultimate,(2 backups in my stash,lol),and intime,i know you would love these ! xx

    • Jody Howarth says:

      I literally was swatching my colours,lol,all over my hand and i was thinking about you!!I was so excited when you got Rose Pulp!Well you know what they say,if you cant be good be really really bad!!LOL So glad i found a lovely friend that loves chanel the way i do!You would laugh if you saw my dresser,one day maybe,hee hee!Love you back sweet girl!X

    • Ms. J. Lynn Orenstein says:

      will try Cecile too xo love u

    • Ms. J. Lynn Orenstein says:

      I purchased the rose pulp because of you beautiful Jody!Β  I am going to try the shines and I will let you know what I pick up xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Nicole Novo says:

    STUNNING Chanel beauty haul! I literally love everything. Especially the lippies! The perfume looks lovely too. Thanks for sharing GORGEOUS! xoxo πŸ˜€

  3. ViZiO Music says:


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