This new makeup brush (which strangely sounds like a vibrator) is about to change your makeup game!

I know that is a bold statement; let me explain!
Clarisonic just released a brand new head and sent it to me in the mail to try out. The interesting thing is it doesn’t remove your makeup but instead it helps put it on.

Say hello to the Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush!

Clarisonic has never let me down with any of their products so I was actually excited to give this a go. Normally I use the beauty blender to apply my foundation but lately, I’ve been kind of ticked off with it. I feel like it gives me cake-face (I blame myself for that because maybe I just don’t know how to properly use it), and it leaves a lot of foundation residue on the sponge which makes me think I am wasting my expensive foundation. Not to mention it is a pain in the booty to clean.

The Sonic Foundation Brush claims to fix all those problems. It claims:
-Better coverage
-Better blending
-And less waste!

The head fits on any Clarisonic (i.e., the Mia 1, Mia 2, Mia FIT and the Smart Profile), I used it on my Mia FIT. The important thing to note is this brush head can only be used with liquid makeup, NO POWDER.

Watch my video to find out if I would replace my Beauty Blender with the new Sonic Foundation Brush.

If you want one here is the link!

I hope you liked this video!

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  1. dejaa says:

    “This thing is 20 dollars, this is ONLY 35 dollars”

  2. Aliya Samara says:

    Hey jess why is there a bruise on you’re arm are you ok.

  3. Olivia M says:

    OMG!! You’re SO close to 100k subs! 🙂 PS: Can you do a review on Meal Delivery Boxes? (Hello Fresh, GreenChef, Blue Apron)

  4. wrectum terror says:

    That moment watching realizing there was no makeup. Your children will be beautiful.

  5. jowiens32 says:

    Just thinking, couldn’t you just use a regular brush? Does the vibration actually make a difference? Like what if you tried one half of your face with the Clairsonic on and the other half with it turned off? Ya feel me?! 😃

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