CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN Skincare | KENEM Cosmetics

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DISCLAIMER*** This video is not sponsored, and my opinions are not altered by the fact that I was sent these products. I am just honestly impressed by this brand and these products, but I do think that some of the products are a little expensive (like the body butter).

I hope you guys enjoyed and please leave me comments down below on what you think about this video!
Also, I mention in the video I want to be more aware about the products I am buying and always making sure they are not tested on animals. What is your favorite cruelty-free skincare/haircare/makeup product or brand? → Comment down below!


Products Mentioned:
Cosmetic Case in Gold Vegan Leather ($21)
Relaxing Body Butter ($22)
Face Soap Bar for Combination Skin ($14)
Cleansing mask
Soothing Serum

I’m gonna be honest guys, their website confuses me. I cannot find the soothing serum or the cleansing mask, but I am pretty sure yesterday when I was filming I saw the mask on their website. I don’t know what that’s about and I feel bad for talking about things that aren’t on their site but maybe there’s an error and they still sell them. They have plenty of other products to check out though!
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