Current Favorites! Clothing, Makeup, Skincare, Music, + more!

Today’s video is Current Favorites! Clothing, Makeup, Skincare, Music, + more!
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‣ Aerie Long Sleeve//
‣ Be Still Sweatshirt//
‣ Lululemon Wunder Under Brushed//
‣ Lululemon Align Pant//
‣ Aerie Wireless Bra//

‣ Brightening Powder//
‣ Tarte Lipstick & Gloss//
‣ Dry Shampoo//
‣ Perfume//

‣ Vanity Planet Skin Spa//
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‣ My thoughts on you – the band camino
‣ Daphne Blue – the band camino
‣ Fool of myself – the band camino
‣ Seasons – hillsong

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‣ Age: 18
‣ Camera: Canon 80D
‣ Birthday: October 19
‣ Editing Software: Final Cut Pro
‣ Favorite Mascara: CoverGirl lash blast//
‣ Beliefs: I am a Christian!!
‣ What am I majoring in? Entrepreneurship
‣ Am I dating anyone? no

Hi my name is Jaclyn (Jack-lynn)! I hope my channel can be a fun place to talk about fashion and beauty, but most of all I hope you get see how much God loves you and what Jesus did for you. He has changed my life and I hope you see that he can do that same for you.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Sophia Rose says:

    Thank you for sharing your input about Lululemon leggings! I really want to get a pair and I’ve only heard good things about them. Especially coming from you cause you’re honest about everything, I def have to get a pair now haha!

  2. Zoe says:

    where is your sweater from?

  3. Megan Cable says:

    Hey Jaclyn! If you have time, I would love to see a full skincare video (not sure if you have done this before?). I also have dry/oily skin, but your skin looks much better than mine.

  4. Aubrie Lloyd-Jones says:

    for the dry yet oily skin: when your skin is dry it over produces oils trying to cure and help it. so just use moisturizing masks, serums, and lots of moisturizer throughout the day and a heavier one at night and it should help alot!!

  5. Jorge Razo says:


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