Daily Skincare and Makeup Routine For Summer // Tiffany Olivia


This is my skincare routine! Recently I’ve been starting to actually use all of the products in my bathroom, and I realized that it really cleared up my skin. It truly made a huge difference when I kept to one set routine and I certainly recommend it to anyone else too.

The other part of my video consists of the makeup I apply on everyday in this hot summer. It is really simple and since my skin gets oily pretty easily, I just like to use a concealer and powder for the face makeup. I also sped through it because I knew you guys have already seen those makeup products. This was just an idea for an easy, effortless, everyday look.

As for the outfit, I was going to work that night so I put on something that you wouldn’t normally wear in the summer heat but usually you’ll see me wearing shorts and something short sleeved.

I hope you guys learned something from this video and have a wonderful day! Byyyeeeeee!




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Camera? Canon Rebel T5i
Editor? iMovie


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