Decluttering My Skincare Products! Skincare Declutter!

Hey everyone, Marguerite here decluttering my skincare today!!

Thanks for watching & I sure do love you all!

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Thanks for watching, Sugars! Remember, you are beautiful, you are strong, and you can do anything you want to 🙂 Don’t let no one rain on your parade!

Xx Marguerite

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  1. Donna says:

    Girl that would make me tired too lol. Love your declutter videos. Having a horrible week, just trying to get time to sleep and just getting to do skin care here and there. And my skin is hating me. Hugs

    • Marguerite Loiselle says:

      Sorry to hear you’re having a horrible week . 🙁 Hang in there, Sending prayers your way!! Take it a day by day, and hopefully, before you know it, the days will get better 🙂

  2. Mary Elisa Hall says:

    Holy cow, woman!!! First of all, your bed looks SUPER comfy!!! Secondly, you know if you have any Ordinary or Niod stuff you don’t want, send it my way! Got that myrrh mask on my beautylish wishlist! The Ordinary AHA/BHA peel is AMAZING! I use it weekly. Would really like to try the lemon pads, the drunk elephant b serum, and the herbivore oil if they’re still available! ❤️ ya, lady!

    • Mary Elisa Hall says:

      Marguerite Loiselle please do!!! ❤️

    • Marguerite Loiselle says:

      Hiii! love you tooo!! sadly, they’re not available anymore, mailed those out yesterday, but I’ll try to declutter again this summer/fall and will keep you in mind! 😉 !!! xoxoxo!

  3. Marie Antoinette says:

    Good morning! I use the Josie Maran Light Argan Oil and love it! Bought a small bottle and would repurchase, but do you recommend Marula or something else instead?

  4. Lourdes Ramirez says:

    SKINCARE HEAVEN!!😍😍 First, let me start off by saying how Beautiful you look😊 Loving your makeup! Witch Hazel is Amazing for toning👌
    Why do Men skip Skincare? Do they think they’ve got super skin or what?🤔🙄😀

    • Marguerite Loiselle says:

      awww, thank you Lourdes, you always have the nicest things to say, really warms my heart!!! haha and idk! men are just dummies ! My husband used to fight it so much, but he’s starting to catch on to the importance of skin care !

  5. Sylvia Leigh says:

    Your bed turned into skin care heaven !!! Thanks for letting us know about the dupes ! ❤❤❤

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