Drag Make Up Tutorial – Part 2: Painting the Eyes

Here is the second part of my 4-part video tutorials on how to do my make-up!

In this video I teach how to paint the eyes!
The first part of the tutorial is here, where I teach how to block your brows:

The products that I used on this video are:
– Dailus liquid black eyeliner
– Vult white duo cake
– Sleek eyeshadow palletes “Curaçao”, “Garden of Eden”, and “Vintage” Romance
– Body paint water-based split cake
– Vult eyeshadow pallete “Drama”
– Dailus white pencil eyeshadow

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  1. Shirlley Ximenes says:

    Fiquei ansiosa pela parte da sobrancelha kkk, queria muito saber fazer as que eu faço sempre ficam uma diferente da outra kkkkk

    • Vlada Vitrova says:

      Hahaha, já tem um ano que parei de fazer sobrancelha! Não aguentava mais, é muito charo HAHAHAH. Eu tô fora de casa essa semana, devo postar semana que vem <3

    • Shirlley Ximenes says:

      E posta logo a próximo vídeo aaaaaa não aguento tanta ansiedade

  2. Daniel Kamizuru says:

    Tava esperando tanto por isso, amei kkk Adorei o Truque Top kkkk

  3. Nathália Aguiar says:

    chocadaaaa, eu ficava pensando se vcs usava algum molde ou aqueles tipo micropore de make pra fazer a forma da sombra nos olhos, mas eh só na coragem mesmo ahahahaha amei

    • Vlada Vitrova says:

      HAHAHAH, mas no próximo vídeo eu ensino um truque pra deixar a linha preta da sombra retinha! 😀

  4. Cassiano Lima says:

    morta com o deboche contra o aécio aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Matilda Wågström says:

    Your eye makeup is gorgeous! And your tutorial is really good. Wonderful tip with the hair gel and the glitter, I need to try that, ’cause I do live in Sweden so maybe it will won’t melt 🙂

    • Matilda Wågström says:

      I trust you! I’ll have to try it soon, a.k.a the next time I try on a new look 🙂

    • Vlada Vitrova says:

      Uou! I live in Växjö so, if it doesn’t melt that much here, it definitely won’t melt in Uppsala hahaha <3

    • Matilda Wågström says:

      Vlada Vitrova I can only imagine the struggle with that heat! I only know how difficult it can be some times with “girl” makeup in the Swedish summers (haven’t tried drag makeup yet thogh). I live in Uppsala 🙂

    • Vlada Vitrova says:

      Thank you! It is sooo easy to wear drag make-up here! Nothing melts haha. I was in Brazil this winter and it was summer there, and it was a real chaos to get in drag in that heat hahaha <3 Where do you live here?

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