EVERYDAY GLOWY “NO FOUNDATION” Summer Makeup + Eyebrow Routine | Let those OILS come through

EVERYDAY GLOWY “NO FOUNDATION” Summer/Spring Makeup + Eyebrow Routine | Let the natural oils come through!

Hello my beautiful viewers!

I wanted to share the makeup I’ve been recently loving! Letting my skin breath has been a confidence booster and I think my skin has needed a breath from the foundation. I for sure still wear foundation now but I have OILY SKIN and when the weather gets hotter the foundation is going to melt off my face. So no foundation is pretty much my only option right now.

Okay lets keep it real now….I have been very insecure about my skin for a long time and I’m still not able to go out makeup free but this is a step in the right direction. Honestly if you feel insecure about your skin I understand completely and taking the first step is hard but your skin will thank you for it.

I have NOT ALWAYS HAD CLEAR SKIN! I can’t stress enough how this is the first time that my skin has actually been clear. My acne has been very bad in the past and I also had acne scarring that I became insecure (skin journey video is coming soon.

Damaris (Temi)


I promise to update this within the next few hours ♥


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  2. Shaylyn E says:

    And she slayed another outfit I thaught I had sen it all in the 90’s hairstyles videos I swear she needs to do a makeup and outfit give away

  3. Shaylyn E says:

    Yess go fam that skin though!!this is going to help me so much . Thanks for sharing the brow and lashes tip

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