Fall Inspired Makeup Tutorial #1 Neutral Smokey Eye + Burgundy Lips for Dark Skin

Hey babies!!! Fall is finally here and I am going to give you guys a few Fall inspired makeup tutorials staring with this one. It is a neutral smokey eye with a burgundy lip. It is the perfect look for Fall. Hope you enjoy the look.

Product Deets:
LA Girl Pro Concealer “Toffee”
Morphe 35R Eyeshadow Palette
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette “Rum Raisin”
Lashes: ForevaLash “33”
Wet n Wild H2o Proof Eyeliner
L’oreal Lacquer Liner “Blackest Black”
L’oreal Tru Match Lumi Foundation “Nut Brown/Cocoa”
Becca Powder Foundation “Cocoa”
LA Girl Pro Concealer “Fawn”
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder “Deep”
Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray
Mac Cosmetics Lip Liner “Nightmoth”
Mac Matte Lipstick ” Runner”

Music (I Do NOT OWN):
“Camino Largo by BeaTru Originator = )

Let’s Connect:
Snapchat: redlipsnheels

For business inquiries contact me at; beatbeautyamy@gmail.com


  1. Lily Banks says:

    Hello Amy its the lady the u meat in ride aid 🤗🤗🤗

    • BeatBeautyAmy says:

      Lily Banks hey Lilly!!! It was great meeting you. Thank you for subscribing and watching. I subscribed to your group page. Love it!!!

  2. ItsyoGirlRoya says:

    Gorgeous 😍😍

  3. Victory Channel says:

    Always slaying

  4. Anniesha Moffett says:

    Hi i love this look i will definitely try it

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