The much awaited makeup line by Rihanna is finally here! Fenty Beauty had been in the making for a while and I am so excited to share the highlighter and foundation that I got today.

The foundation shade is #390 and the Highlighter is in “Trophy Wife”


  1. Anya Jovita says:

    The foundation is flawless! Your skin looks amazing! Great video, thanks for sharing 💖

  2. Bevie Roberts says:

    Yessss mama 😍 I need to get my paws on some of this collection!

  3. Mkupbynaz says:

    Using the cream base was actually a bomb idea! You’re making me soooooo excited to do my review. The foundation looks so bomb on you!! 390 is one of the shades I got too, I’m wondering if it work for me 🤔 . Trophy wife is bae, it’s crazy how bomb it looks on every skin tone 😭

    • Giselle Santos says:

      Mkupbynaz yes girl use a cream base for sure it will take this highlighter to next level. And 390 might work. In thinking of getting one shade lighter to try it out and for winter too! Can’t wait to see your review.

  4. marquita83 says:

    good review you did a great job!!! looks pretty hopefully she comes out with a lippie! you looks pretty i enjoyed this video thank you for sharing!

  5. x_incredibleL says:

    i’m “apparently” NC45, but i still think 390 is too dark for me so i won’t be getting that shade. maybe will work for the summer, but i’ll figure that out later. 😂 i know someone who’s like a 47/50 in MAC and tried 390 and it works good for her since it oxidizes.

    • Giselle Santos says:

      x_incredibleL I’m pretty tan right now from the summer and falling asleep at the beach a few weeks ago 😂 I know I will have to change shades soon cause it won’t work in next months to come.

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