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I’ve heard so many different opinions on this foundation! Have you used it? what do you think? Watch to find out my experience!






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Hey y’all! Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video! I appreciate it so much! This has been an amazing journey so far and I am having SO much fun learning and growing with you all on my channel! I have made tons of new friends and acquaintances and I am LOVING every minute of it! I hope you all are having a WONDERFUL day/night so far! leav me some feedback in the comments below! I’d love your input and opinions!

**All opinions in this video are my own. some of these products may have been sent to me for review. I was not paid or compensated by this company in any way.


  1. Mariela Merino says:

    I’ve never used that blender before I always use a beauty blender. It seems hard to work with lol. But I love the foundation! Looks great on your skin

  2. Beauty Riot X says:

    I can’t stand that applicator. I did a review on it awhile back. They suck. I’m so glad you finished with the beauty blender. But I’ve heard great things about that Foundation. I have so many though I need to use up what I have.

  3. Aamyie Ecker says:

    You always look beautiful

  4. Aamyie Ecker says:

    That blender thing made the foundation look horrible on your skin. Looks like the sponge is working better. I’m curious if yours looks like mine AR end of day. I release mine tomorrow. I had a bad experience.

  5. Krista Burtner says:

    Oh girl no, that dab and blend sponge lol. The foundation looks really nice on your skin. So matte, my fave! I need to try shape tape, because I get those crazy lines under my eyes and they drive me insane.

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