Formal GRWM- Makeup, Hair, Outfit, Shoes!

K so do your makeup as you watch this and it’ll basically feel like we’re getting ready together 😎

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Champagne dress by Sisters the Label- use code ‘FORBES’ for $50 off ‣
Brynne rose gold heels by Raye ‣


DSLR Camera ‣
Vlog Camera ‣
Compact Vlog Camera ‣
Lens ‣
Microphone ‣
Umbrella lights ‣
Ring light ‣
Memory card ‣
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MUSIC ▹ by Joakim Karud

Edited by me 🙂

FTC ‣ This video is not sponsored.

Hi hi 👋🏼 If it’s your first time seeing my videos, welcome to my channel! I’m Jaclyn. No, my father does not own Forbes magazine. Yes, I do talk way too loud. Ok, now that it’s out of the way, here’s what you should know about me: I like makeup, peanut butter and watching Friends. I live in Toronto, Canada and I post new videos every week.


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  1. BONE CRUSHER says:

    You are absolutely fabulous and amazing. How often do you do your grocery shopping? How big is a typical grocery trip for you? Maybe you could possibly do some in store grocery shopping videos showing how you shop

  2. Judi珠珠 says:

    ughhhh the outfit was my favorite part!!! you look like an actual goddess in that!!!

  3. Dr_N says:

    Is it ok for men to watch this ?

  4. nikki x says:

    You should look up the YouTuber @itslikelymakeup. She lives in Canada also ♥️ but she does lots of makeup looks with freckles using the product getfrecked!

  5. Megan Pink says:

    where are the earrings from?

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