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Learn how to cover blemishes and acne naturally with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation.

Thanks to its versatile formula, Skin Foundation Stick is ideal for uneven, combination skin. It’s easy to build coverage, and Smart Technology means it adds moisture and controls oil as needed. Need extra coverage? Use a Touch Up Brush to apply Skin Foundation Stick over blemishes using a stippling motion. To make the coverage last, set foundation with a light dusting of Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in your skin tone correct shade—the oil-free formula won’t add heaviness.

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  1. elizabeth elizabeth says:

    as an esthetician i can tell you using that air cushion foundation or any for that matter will actually break you out more that sponge holds so much bacteria from reusing it daily and even the cushion the holds the foundation itself can have tons of bacteria left on it from when you touch your face applicator to it and you cant wash it since it holds all your foundation

  2. Reena Valecha says:

    The foundation was great, but where was the acne? Lol.

  3. My Blog says:

    seriously??!!Does she have acne?There are so many women who actually have more acne….So this model has no acne…It just strange…

  4. Jocelyn Lalani says:

    Could you film this from farther away? Her skin looks great before you start. This is not acne video. It’s selling the air cushion ☹️

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