Frushy the Mermaid Tail Brush Review and Tutorial | Foundation, Contour, Highlight | MAKEUP TALKS

Hi guys! Welcome to my much anticipated Mermaid Tail Brush Review (some people call this frushy or fish tail brush). Overall I was really impressed with the results and in this video I use this brush for foundation, contour,highlight, and baking. The brush is very dense making it the perfect lay down brush. It really picks up a lot of pigment which is great if you’re struggling with cheap powders that won’t come off the compact.

There are many sellers for this brush and a lot of styles. Something tells me this is a white label product: someone found this and slapped their brand name sticker on it. Hence the high amounts of prices on amazon for the same brush. Hope you guys enjoyed the review!

Mermaid Tail Brush –

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  1. Victor Salazar says:

    Was this review helpful? How do you guys like the new and improved background and lighting? 😀

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