Full Coverage Foundation | Flawless Base Makeup | How to Cover Hyper-pigmentation/Acne Scars|

Hi guys, this is how I get full coverage, long lasting makeup all day long. This full coverage is cake free, covering dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, breakouts. Having a flawless base is very important. You can use the real techniques flawless base set or any brush set that is very dense yet soft enough to blend the makeup like a pro. No body likes cakey makeup, we all want a cake free makeup right???!!!
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Editing Software: Final Cut Pro

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  1. Gail Bullard says:

    The lighting is so bright that I can’t really see what your real color pay off is. It’s glaring. Most of the time I can’t understand what you’re saying because music is louder, and your voice trails off. However I did become a subscriber because I admire some of your other tutorials.

    • Jwillscool *The Jamaican Gaijin* says:

      +Gail Bullard I am so sorry!! I had a little technical difficulties with the camera. I couldn’t seem to control the aperture since I was a little too far. Sometimes it good and bad. Will get that sorted out! I really appreciate your support! Thanks for your feedback. I will definitely improve the areas you mentioned. ❤️

  2. Carla Cavv says:

    So pretty!

  3. Daria Bobo says:

    Where/what is this song?

    • Jwillscool *The Jamaican Gaijin* says:

      +Daria Bobo I will search for the link and add it to my description!!! I got it from SoundCloud!!! Don’t remember the name!!!

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