Full Cut Crease and Bold Lips Makeup Tutorial | Spring Makeup Look 2018 | GoldQueen Queency

I created this full cut crease and bold lips makeup look which is perfect for spring, or a perfect spring makeup look. Here are a list of the product i used and the link to buy them.

1. Buy the eyeshadow here:

2. Buy the eyelashes here:

3. Buy the eyeshadow brushes here:

4. Buy the makeup brushes here:

5. Buy the beauty blender here:

6. Buy the lip liner here:

7. Buy the razor comb here:

8. Buy the eyebrow gel here:

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  1. mclxo120 says:

    Beautiful makeup look, love the color of the lip shade. Also too, you look beautiful. 🙂

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    Girlll I had to sub I love your channel 😭💜

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