Fullest coverage ever? Makeup Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage Foundation & Concealer

I’m trying out the new Makeup Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage Foundation & Concealer in today’s video! Hope you enjoy ♥

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  1. illimonty says:

    Myrna what are your thoughts on Bare Minerals foundations? I have similar skin type as you nevermind the hooded eyes 🙂 and i have been using Bare minerals for 10 years now and it melts right into my skin and the Veil leaves my skin looking flawless. I will say it is very messy at first but once you get the hang of it you can apply in just a few minutes!! But you may have to use a brush, I haven’t tried applying it with my fingers yet! Love you and your channel!!

  2. Chrissy C says:

    I think it did sit on your face kind of heavy and showed any texture more. Maybe a different shade would be better. I do not like what the concealer did to your undereye. Since I am older I will avoid it because I have wrinkles and don’t need help looking more so. You have really pretty skin!

  3. Karen and Sam Briggs says:

    You still look beautiful even with bad foundation and concealer!

  4. kelly lamb says:

    Kelly here from Leeds UK. I love that you keep it real Myrna. I like your take on using makeup to enhance and detract to give a more pleasing result. I too have to uneven eyelids and brows, so following you was a no brainer for me. Loved the lip colour in this video too.

  5. Maya Berger says:

    I have exactly the same problem with my nose……😔

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