GET EVERY LAST DROP OF YOUR TUBED PRODUCTS | Skincare/Makeup Hack to not waste product!

Hey guys!
I don’t usually do hack videos… in fact this may be the first and last haha

but I felt like I had to share this SUPER easy hack to get every last drop of your tubed skincare and makeup products!

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Okay there were many things wrong with me in this video… please bear with me and hopefully you will at least find it entertaining πŸ˜…

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Also, any Supernatural fans out there??
if you are lets chat in the comments πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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Love to all x


  1. Miyabiko says:

    wow, didn’t know about this trick and will use it for sure. thanksies

  2. Vivian Chan says:

    Awesome hack! Gonna try that with my empty tubes next time!

  3. Myra Plum says:

    This is so simple yet genius. When I read “hack” in the title I thought it was gonna be something super weird and silly lol but it’s such a simple hack, I’m definitely going to use it from now on! Ps your editing is so on point lol omg so funny!

  4. Soul Of Melody says:

    Wow, this makes so much sense, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier. Will definitely be doing this instead of straining my hands to squeeze everything out!

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