Glass Skin Makeup Tutorial | Flawless & Dewy Foundation Routine

My Dewy Foundation Makeup Tutorial for Glass Skin!

Hey my loves! I really wanted to share my updated foundation makeup routine with you guys, on how I achieve Glass Skin. This technique helps to create the most airbrushed looking skin with the most insane natural-looking glow. I really hope you enjoy watching this tutorial! Thank you so much for watching! love you guys! Xxx

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  1. MON ROCHA says:


  2. Ilham ilham says:

    You mean cake face

  3. Maria McNair says:

    I see how hard you’re always working on Huda Boss but I do miss these tutorials from you. Please make more when you can ❤️❤️

  4. Sofia Ghouri says:

    You talk about tips? Hudaaaaa !!! YOU ARE MY FAVORITE !!! Love you !!

  5. Raya Ameer says:

    Without the most beautiful makeup😍

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