Gold Tornado cut crease and Ombre Lips Makeup / Dumebi Lea

This video shows how i acheived this gold and red tornado cut crease eyeshadow paired with ombre lips!

New videos drop every fridays.. So be sure to drop by next friday to see the tutorial video on how to acheive the fullest, cutest Afro hairstyle i was rocking in thos tutorial.! 😉

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  1. Lifewithcaro says:

    This is gorgeous!! Love this look 😍
    I came fr the IG support chat 💕 Hope we can all support each other 💕

  2. RITZY RUTHY says:

    Yassssss with the afro babe!!!!

  3. Dilias Empire says:

    The eye colours are lit 🔥 and vibrant. Thumbs up girl.

  4. OmaglamzTv says:

    Dumebi on 🔥 🔥 awesome tutorial, please how we get the Dumebi song I can’t stop huming it

  5. Nancy Ademola says:

    This is beautiful…
    I actually did a video with my hair just like urs but different makeup… Still editing though.. Keep slaying girl

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