Good Buy or Goodbye: Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

Revolution are bringing out so much new stuff! Time to try and keep up lol. Foundation available here


  1. Two For Joy Spirit says:

    You picked a great shade matched for you with a nice natural finish 💕 From reviews I’ve seen it seems to be fast on but then fast off. I don’t like Dewy. It just highlights everything I already feel self-conscious about 😛 I actually put the Primark stick foundation in the fridge as it was doing the same “melting” thing! 😜 It made no difference and I went back to my tube one 😺 I’ve seen Barry M have a stick foundation in their “All night long” range. I’d like to check the range out if it makes its way into Superdrug or Boots. 💕

  2. Lightning Lass says:

    Mines was melting too 🙈🙈🙈 fantastic review as always xxx

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