GRWM Day Date With My Fiance | Hair + Makeup + Outfit

I hope you all enjoyed this video “GRWM Day Date With My Fiance | Hair + Makeup + Outfit”

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  1. Julissa Sosa says:

    Hey! I recently subscribed and enjoy your videos. Please reply by providing me the brand name of your shampoo and conditioner products. I am in need of products that will help me repair my curls. It’s so frizzy and dry. Uneven. Please advise. I will definitely pickup aloe Vera juice. Thanks😊

  2. Therri Williams says:

    When you wear makeup because you choose to but don’t have to wear it. You are captivating with or without it. I can’t get over how stunning you are and the outfit looked good too.

  3. October Scorpio says:

    You don’t need to wear make up, because your a natural beauty 😍 the background music is nice, I was bobbing my head to it. Thanks for sharing

  4. yvette wilkinson says:

    Gorgeous 👍

  5. Chichi A says:

    So Beautiful! Where did you get the skirt from?

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