GRWM Eye Makeup | Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary Vlog

“GRWM Eye Makeup | Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary Vlog”
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Hello dears, welcome to Beauty With A Heart! (^.^)

Today I’ll be sharing GRWM Eye Makeup | Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary Vlog.

Update: The LoveLuxe Beauty Opalustrous Pressed Pigment #Influential didn’t fall out throughout the day as the blue (#Say My Name).
AS of now, I can conclude using glitter glue, damp finger and lots of scotch-tape helps to greatly reduces fall out. Haha.
Definitely have to play more to have a more solid conclusion. =)

So dears, thanks so much for watching and be here with us to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

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Hope you like this video and stay tuned for the next one. =)

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Thank you very much, dears! =)

May you have a peaceful, blissful & joyful week ahead! =)


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  1. Emily Wang says:

    You 2 are so cute and loving. Many years of lovingness to come..

  2. LoveJasmine says:


  3. Just call me Jo says:

    Happy birthday my friend and Happy Anniversary

  4. MagdalineJanet says:

    OMG Happy Anniversary!! “Enough already” LOL! Wow, this look is beautiful! Love glitter, although its messy ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Pandoragmys says:

    Loving your fun and exotic palettes and happy anniversary ๐Ÿค—โ˜บ

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