GRWM for Mother’s Day│No Foundation Makeup Routine + Mini Vlog

“We love the things we love for what they are.” — Robert Frost

► Stuff I Love But Wouldn’t Buy Again
► Chopping Block – Singles
► Empties

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► (*) No7 Eye Cream
► No7 Cleanser – Bummer! I’m glad I stocked up cause it looks like they don’t make it anymore.
► (*) ELF Daily Moisturizer
► (*) theBalm Concealer “Lighter than Light”
► (*) ELF Finishing Powder
► (*) Bare Minerals Bronzer “Fair/Light”
► (*) (PR) Essence Blush “Satin Coral”
► (*) (PR) OFRA Highlight “Glazed Donut”
► (*) Urban Decay Eye Primer
► (*) Anastasia Brow Powder Duo “Medium Brown”
► (*) Essence Brow Mascara “Soft Browny Browns”
► (*) Juvia’s Place Magic Palette
► (*) theBalm Meet Matte Nude Palette
► (*) Physician’s Formula Liquid Liner “Ultra Black”
► (*) (PR) Urban Decay Glitter “Gamma Ray”
► (*) theBalm Mad Lash Mascara
► theBalm Jour Creamy Lip Stains
► (*) Urban Decay Lipstick “Naked”

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► You are worthy of love, respect and kindness. Also, you’re a sexy beast. Embrace it.


  1. jo_ v80 says:

    I only apply mascara to the top lashes too! I just find it smudges too easily on the lower ones and I’d rather not deal with that. I wish I had confidence to not wear foundation!

  2. Cathy Callendar says:

    Kaily, Happy belated Mother’s day!🌺🌹 I think the same way, and at almost 56. Sometimes foundation is just to much bother. In summer it’s to heavy, or it melts off. Winter in Michigan is no Joke it’s BRUTAL cold. It would be smudged off. I just use a skin tint. The L’OREAL Visible Lift one in the tube. It’s perfect for for what I want. I think you would be a MAMA BEAR when it came to protecting your babies. The Female is the more dangerous of a species.

  3. binkyy says:

    sweetheart your a Mom , if we hear, see them its a given and a treat . ordinary or pixie gylocolic acid has stopped my hormonal acne.if this helps xxx

  4. boxiebabe says:

    I LOVED this video. Makeup and a message. Good job Kaily! xo (PS. Just watched a video with RawBeautyKristi and those colorful Fenty eyeliners were a mess, in my opinion)

  5. Misty Parsons says:

    I should definitely try no foundation. I have such a hard time already with foundation because my skin is super oily so they always seem to just slip and slide everywhere..I don’t know foundation just isn’t fun for me!!😂🤣 Your little ones are precious!! Glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with your boys. And, I always enjoy your GRWM’s you should totally do more. Great video as always. Love you, Kaily!!❤️😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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