HALVING MY FACE MAKEUP COLLECTION | Declutter 2019 (Foundation, Concealer, & Primer)

The New Year has inspired me to do multiple clean-outs/declutters throughout my apartment and the next big collection I wanted to sort through with you all was my face products! Let’s see what was good enough to stay and what I said ‘goodbye’ to (,, ・∀・)ノ゛

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★Decluttering (playlist):
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★Foundation // First Impressions (playlist):
◇ https://tinyurl.com/jq4mpmh

★Full Face First Impressions // Beauty Brands (playlist):
◇ https://tinyurl.com/ybywhbn2

★Concealer // First Impressions (playlist):
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★Primer // First Impressions (playlist):
◇ https://tinyurl.com/y7tsegjm

★Primer Palooza! // Primer Reviews (playlist):
◇ https://tinyurl.com/y752mg7s

★MAKEUP DECLUTTER 2018 | Foundations, Concealers, Primers, & Powders (PART 1)
◇ https://youtu.be/YPIe4sRe9vc

★MAKEUP DECLUTTER 2018 | Foundations, Concealers, Primers, & Powders (PART 2)
◇ https://youtu.be/-gYzlN8BFzc

★Trying on EVERYTHING QUESTIONABLE In My Wardrobe!!! | Closet Cleanout 2019
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  1. Jen Olson says:

    Please – will anyone honestly tell me how many yrs foundation lasts? It’s my weakness so I’ve over a dozen 😂

  2. Allyson Botterbusch says:

    Aside from the shade range, you loved the catrice. I bought it bc of your review and I love it too!

  3. lorecki says:

    You probably already know this but the Smashbox Primerizer is cheaper if you buy minis! They’re $15 for 15 ml while the full size is $42 for 30ml. You could get three minis for only $3 more than the full size and get an extra 1/3 product.

  4. Sophie inspired says:

    Already Lookings forward to the lipsticks 🤭

  5. Lindsay Swift says:

    I really liked this video. Can you tell me what the foundation is called with the little blue lid? I missed the name of it but thought the bottle super cute xx

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