Hooded, Downturned Eyes Lifted, revamped Makeup Tips Video for Women, Mature Beauty over 50

Heather revamps her popular hooded, downturned, droopy eyes makeup tips & tutorial video for women. In this how to video you will find eyeliner, eyelid, mascara & eye shadow techniques for a women in her 20s, 30s, 40s or for a mature woman over 50. Heather shows the before and after photos and the applications to get you there. As a former 80s model Heather has learned a lot in the past and currently from makeup artists and her own best discoveries. This is a great video for the aging or younger woman with hooded or downturned eyes. In this GRWM video Heather uses natural looking shadows in this daytime make-up vlog.


  1. Awesome over 50 says:

    Hi everyone… Heather here. This is the link to my blog with the list of makeup products in the video and where to find them

  2. Michelle Blanchard says:

    One of the 3 things that I despise about aging is my saggy eyelids. I hate my throat wattle and my weight gain, but my sagging eyelids bother me on a daily basis. I have no savings, but have considered financing eyelid surgery. I really love wearing eye makeup. As for dry mascara, my half brother and half sister both inherited ridiculously long eyelashes, probably from their mother. My eyelashes are thin and short, mostly bald, a la Elizabethian portraits. My sister has to let her mascara dry out, because, if she doesn’t, mascara gets all over her under brow area. Lucky her!

    As for the “Cuteness Factor” Hurricane is darling, but so is your handsome hubby. Num num!!

  3. loz uk says:

    Hi Heather and Hurricane! Too cute!!
    Thanks for yet another awesome video. I loved the original but I’m loving your revamped edition. You’re in my top 2 make up and life style guru’s.
    I hope you record lots more.
    Love from Liverpool as usual. 😚

  4. FiftyPlusBeauty says:

    Hi Heather. Thanks for your great tips on dealing with our hooded eyes! Very helpful information!!💝💝💝

  5. Amy Ralls says:

    I have no idea why, but in the 70s and early 80s we ALL pumped our mascara! Thank goodness we have finally learned not to pump, and our mascara lasts so much longer in that little bottle! Thanks for all your tips! Really enjoy your videos!!

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