How To Get The Super 90s Look | Charlotte Tilbury

Since the early ‘90s, supermodels have always known how to maximise their natural beauty with neutral colours – now, Charlotte Tilbury has bottled that iconic Supermodel DNA to give everyone, everywhere the ultimate ‘your lips but better’ NUDE lips. Follow this makeup tutorial to create a SUPER SEXY, SUPER NINETIES, SUPER MODEL classic look and become the most SUPER GORGEOUS version of you!


  1. jesua aguilar says:

    The models she use obviously have to be beautiful most makeup companies do this as a marketing technique because consumers are more inclined to buy a product if it looks good… Y’all mad annoying always commenting oh she’s already flawless like that’s the point these models are naturally beautiful makeup only enhances that beauty 🙃

  2. shams farra says:

    She’s super beautiful

  3. Riri Mimi says:

    love the look

  4. Gianna M Licari says:

    Bring back 70s and 80s!!

  5. Rita M says:

    The 90s look is the best in my opinion

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