How to Make a Tinted Foundation with Savvy Minerals Foundation Powder – Young Living Makeup

The new Savvy Minerals Makeup line from Young Living is amazing. I love their foundation powder BUT I wanted to try it as a liquid. Find out how I did it and what products I used.

If you haven’t tried Savvy Minerals yet, it’s awesome. It’s a natural makeup line without the junk. đź’„ đź’‹

Cruelty free
Chemical free
Gluten free
Talc free
Bismuth free
Paraben free
Phthalate free
Petrochemical free
Synthetic fragrance free

There are 33 new products for every skin type – so if you’re wondering if there’s something for you… the answer is YES! Check out this mini make-up tutorial I got at YL Convention with new Savvy Minerals line.

If you’re interested in getting started with the Savvy Minerals make-up line, comment below or email me at

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  1. Tina Marie (Tina Gaspard) says:

    How long does this last on you?

  2. Sissy Dollar says:

    🙂 Enjoyed your video from Convention while you was getting your make up done . That was awesome and great info . I’m loving the new makeup and all of the new products 🙂
    Your voice sounds a lot better now :). Thanks for the new videos .

    • Don't Mess with Mama says:

      Thanks for asking. Yes, my voice is getting better. Almost back to normal. I’m so glad you’re finding these tutorials helpful.

  3. Rewind Remix says:

    Great work

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