Huda Foundation/Primer/Brush 220N Custard vs Fenty on Mature Skin Honest Review

This is a first impression look at the new Huda Beauty Foundation, Primer & Brush in 220N custard on mature normal/dry Skin with a comparison to the Fenty Foundation that has recently hit the market. I bought all products with my own money.

Shauna’s Video Review on the Huda Foundation in Light here:

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  1. Alegra Chetti says:

    thanks for being honest =) I’m a little afraid to buy Huda myself bc even though i  loved the color range of her lipsticks, i didn’t think they lasted long at all and the lipliner broke on me right away so I’m skeptical even though it looks so much fun..idk ..thanks for sharing and being honest

    • British Rose Beauty - Julie in DC says:

      It is an interesting foundation but it is hard to work with – and I was underwhelmed with the lack of radiant finish it claimed to have however, it was ok I am not knocking it but I perfer the coverage and finish of the Fenty.

  2. Diana J says:

    Hi Julie, Great new setup! Shaunna’s reaction to the color was priceless!! I’m not sure I want to try either the Huda or the Fenty. Just don’t know. I want to get a sample of the Laura Mercier. Been wanting to try that for a while. Love ya! xo

  3. ettuandyou says:

    I’m sitting here at the crack of dawn watching this video… this review. I’m in the market for a new foundation and have been on the fence about both fenty and huda . Based on the reviews I’ve seen I may go for the fenty because I’ve got combination skin with a very oily t-zone. Thanks for this.

  4. Artist by Beauty says:

    Wonderful review dear 😊😊 Looks great. I have subbed to your lovely channel. Please check out mine when you get the chance. Have a beautiful day x x

  5. OH CAROL SHOW says:

    Hi Julie…Love your set up!! That foundation looked amazing on you…You dont think the Fenty is too Matte for your skin? I tried a sample and it looked amazing but it was matte…I need to try it again cause one time is never enough for me to figure it out!! Look forward to you GRWM’s!! xoxoxoxoxoxo Carol

    • British Rose Beauty - Julie in DC says:

      The fenty has amazing consistency to it and yes it is matte so you would need to add depth to your face if you want a more silk radiant look the Estee Lauder is great so on the budget side is the Netrogena and the No7. The new two faced matte is good too (not as flat as fenty) and the color is more warm/yellow so would work on your skin tone. I hope that helps. Kiss

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