I AM SO DISAPPOINTED! Updated Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips Review

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Liquid Lips UPDATED Review!

Watch to see and hear what happened to the three shades I purchased after owning them for only about month.

DISCLAIMER!!! I DO realize that because this happened with mine, it does not mean this will 100% happen to yours. I love 98% of the Charlotte Tilbury products I own, and my intention is not to harm or bash her brand in any way. This was simply MY experience, and my thoughts based on that.

I apologize for the crappy quality of this video, I had to film on my iPhone instead of my Sony. The upside is that I think you can clearly see what I am talking about when I show you what went wrong!

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  1. Jamie Jinks Houston says:

    The iPhone video quality is awesome! No apology needed! Maybe if you shake them they wouldn’t do that? At least they’re still usable, but I certainly understand your frustration with such a pricey product from a reputable brand. Thanks for the info.

  2. Vivian Taunton says:

    I still love them!

  3. Seagreentangerine says:

    I love your honesty and thankfully your review has come just in time… as I was going to buy these as Christmas presents! I’ll buy the lipsticks!

    Do you remember Dior did Plastic Lip Shine (the original formulation from 2000) ? Now THAT was the Holy Grail lip gloss – it was fabulous high pigment, high shine AND it lasted 6 hours. Nothing has come out that’s as incredible as that. I often feel the cosmetics world is backwards and wish they’d stop changing brilliant products! 💋

  4. Pamela Wolf says:

    Never buy more than 1 of something so new! That’s what I’ve learned over the years. Lol

    • Risa Does Makeup says:

      +Pamela Wolf That’s a good idea! I guess since I have always loved CT’s lip products in the past I thought I would be safe!

  5. Sandy Alderson says:

    Thank you Risa!

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