I Got A Sephora Reward! (+Huge Haul: Makeup, Skincare, More!)


Sephora Benefit Reward
Mac Mary J Blige French Kiss – https://go.magik.ly/ml/o7qf/
Mac Cherry Blossom Lipstick/Lip Glass (Last Chance) – https://go.magik.ly/ml/o7qg/

J. One Black Jelly Pack – https://go.magik.ly/ml/o7q9/
J. One Cream – https://go.magik.ly/ml/o7qa/ Polatum Mask Trio – https://go.magik.ly/ml/o7qd/
Herbivore Oil Trio – https://go.magik.ly/ml/o7qc/

8Greens – https://www.octoly.com/c/hbsfe/r/hb4w9
Hair La Vie – https://www.octoly.com/c/hbsfe/r/hazsf
Plant Apothecary Start Happy Body Wash – https://www.octoly.com/c/hbsfe/r/hb496

I received the last 3 products complimentary from 8Greens, Hair La Vie, and PLANT Apothecary. (You can use promo code LOVEHLV to save up to 10% off your order at Hair La Vie.) All other items in this video paid for with my own money. Not sponsored. All my own opinions.

Links are affiliate links through which I earn a small commission. Check it out here: https://www.magiclinks.org/rewards/referral/aliceinthe/


About Me:
Dry/Acne-Prone Skin – Mac NC20/Maybelline Fit Me 128/Tarte Light Sand/Bobbi Brown Warm Sand/Dior Linen

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  1. Stephanie Stith says:

    4k Ulta haul?! Let’s see what you got!

  2. Shantel says:

    I love Herbivore! I mix the Prism oil with the Lapis oil. The brand is gentle enough so that my face doesn’t become reactive and break out. I’ve been told that products at Sephora were “too natural” and that’s why my face broke out, but I think it was just an ingredient in those lines. On the flip side because Herbivore is natural/gentle I feel like it’s taken a little longer to see results from the products. Can you do a trail video on their brand?

    • AliceintheRabbitHole says:

      Or scent! I think fragrance is the #1 issue I face – took me a while to accept that mainly because I can use some scented products with absolutely NO issues (then out of nowhere, I’ll run into problems). But yes, definitely testing Herbivore! Probably in August 😊

  3. andie1508 says:

    Oh and yes on the Ulta Haul. And if you’re still doing the skincare line reviews I would love to see even *another* Kiehls one (I have ideas on products if you want ’em) and another one for mid to high-end natural products. Like Acure, Dr. Hauschka (sp?), Evan Healy, etc.

  4. andie1508 says:

    I love, LOVE the Benefit Precisely, my brow. Use it daily! I have to say I love your pink hair (and always obsessed with rose-pink-red toned shadows.)

    I asked about your wigs last time, but I’ve been wanting to ask what your original/natural color is?

    • AliceintheRabbitHole says:

      And yeah, I think Precisely My Brow is my personal favorite of the brow products. I just wish there was more product to it – I go through them quickly!

    • AliceintheRabbitHole says:

      My hair is kind of a dirty blonde/light brown – easy to lighten on my own (which is how I ended up so experimental with it haha).

  5. Eileen McDonnell says:

    Yes, definitely would like to see your Ulta haul. 🙂

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