I Try rms beauty’s Un Cover-Up Concealer/Foundation | Makeup Review

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I needed to find a green beauty replacement for the under eye concealer I’ve been using for, like, ever (Benefit’s Boi-ing) and rms beauty has been on my radar ever since I tested out their lip gloss pots a few months ago.

I decided to give their Un Cover-Up concealer/foundation a shot.

ps- trying a new lighting setup, hence the brightness. Workin’ on it. Thanks for bearing with me.

What you’ll want to know:
• It’s $36.00 and you can get it on Sephora.com here:
• rms beauty, while super on-trend right now, is also a makeup line you can get behind with clean ingredients. There are no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates
• It’s gluten and cruelty free, not to mention hypoallergenic
• If you have under eye circles and need something lightweight that still covers, this is a great option. It almost feels like a balm going on
• If you need heavier-duty under eye help, or have oily skin, you may want to pass

Reminder: I was NOT paid to say any of this. This is not sponsored content. I’m sharing my honest opinion with you.

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