Liquid Lips / Makeup Collection & Declutter / ALL The Swatches

Can you imagine if I’d uploaded this as one huge declutter?? HA!
So I’m hoping that after this liquid lip/balm/gloss/crayon/stain installment I can power through with the lipstick/liner collection in one (possibly longer) go. If you have any notes on the format, something you’d like to see more or less of in the next one etc, I’m all ears cause they take an age to film and edit so I want to make sure they’re what you actually want to see 😉

..the next video will probably be a vlog though so no rush, we have time!









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  1. Entirely Sarah says:

    I just filmed 3 hours worth of footage from a nail polish declutter to go up this week, so I totally feel you on the decluttering side! I am so glad to have almost halved my huge nail polish collection as I was too overwhelmed to even want to look through and paint my nails! Love the video, can’t wait for the next instalment I love lip products xx

  2. mingle27 says:

    Dessert beauty=Jessica Simpson circa ’00?

  3. Lindsey Churm says:

    Are they going to any new homes in particular?😢 #want xx

  4. Katherine Allen says:

    Love your eye makeup! Can you do a tutorial please?

  5. courtney Tate says:

    Jessica Simpson maybe? I remember i ordered lots of her products from ebay when i was about 16 before I realised about import duties and customs and ended up not picking them up from the post office lol xx

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