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Hey Awesome ones,
Now that the warmer weather is here you have probably changed your wardrobe to Tee shirts, lighter clothing and sandals, but what about your makeup? As the sun shines down on us and makes us sweat and turns our skin into a tan (even with our sunscreen on) we have a different need for our makeup foundations, mascara, lipstick and even blush.I change up my wardrobe about the same time that I bring my new makeup forward for the Spring and Summer months. In this video vlog I show the makeup products that I prefer and I also show you in a tutorial how to apply them. Although I have many women over 50 watching my beauty videos, this tutorial could be of interest to a woman in her thirties or forties too. So the next time you are thinking of wearing sunscreen and changing into your warm weather fashion, take a look at this video again and make sure you are changing up your makeup too. (scroll down for many of the makeup items shown in this video)

…sorry but we couldn’t link the MAC makeup here…you can find the links at our blog at
Concealer Brush
Loreal Eye Shadow Palette
Selection of Brushes for Foundation
My Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Choose your Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Revlon Anti-Shine
Revlon Bronzer
Dior Show Mascara
Revlon Water Proof Mascara
Estee Lauder Make Up Remover
Eyebrow Stencils
L’Oreal Pomade
Maybeline Clear Mascara
Revlon Colour Stay Lipstick
Georgio Armani Lip Liner
Vichy Lip Balm

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  1. Awesome over 50 says:

    Hi everyone, Heather here… if your looking for the same or similar makeup products to what I used in this video go to my blog at and scroll down the page to find links for them

  2. karenejkleinfineart says:

    Hi Heather, I am a new subscriber. I’m really enjoying hearing all your wonderful make up tips. I love your cute little dog. We have 2 golden retrievers so I just love dogs. Have a wonderful week! Karen

  3. Marc C. says:

    Hi Heather: Great video for spring/summer! I’ve been using the Great Lash clear mascara for years to keep my brows in place. Also, Revlon lip conditioner has SPF and works very well under lipstick. I didn’t feel like the concealer was good on the spots – a little dark, and it’d be the same a on my very fair skin. I use the L’Oreal stick concealer on those. Happy weekend to you three! Rosemarie 🌹❤👌🌻

    • Awesome over 50 says:

      Thanks Rosemarie. Good observance I wasn’t happy with the coverage of the spots when I saw the video either. The under eyes were OK but the spots need a lighter concealer, you’re right.

  4. Muttonstyle says:

    Hi Heather, my dear. What a great idea a factor 50 primer is. I’m using a sheseido spray 50 over the top instead of under at the moment. I’ve noticed I have age spots on my upper lip which shows more on my videos than in life. I need to conceal them. I hadn’t thought of that until I saw this.

    • Awesome over 50 says:

      Thanks so much for sharing! I have just found a brown spot over my lip and another above the crease of my eye that makes my eye shadow look messy arghhhh! Thank goodness for good concealer!

  5. Debra Trimble says:

    Good video but your neck doesn’t match your face.

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