Makeup Reviews on Foundation and Mascara 💄💕

Just an update on the makeup I bought and my thoughts on them. Thank you for watching and for your support. 😁


  1. MsPeppersmom says:

    Marie, you look very pretty. At 55 i love these type videos. My skin has changed so

  2. Tom Jones says:

    What kind of colors of foundation was sold when you were first buying? You look like a light/medium, which seems like one of the most easily found shades today. That little bottle of perfume you were holding near the end is “Belle est Vie” by Lancome, I believe. Very nice perfumes!

    • Tom Jones says:

      +Paulina Contreras I just understood your comment about the undertone. Is she is Olive undertone? It seems extremely rare to find in foundations.

    • Tom Jones says:

      +Paulina Contreras My Grandma told me in her time no light skin shades were available. Only super dark orangey shades with names like Sunbeige, and Suntan, and one very popular one called Cool Rachelle. They actually used to fake suntan their legs with them. I still have one of her powders from the 1980’s in an old compact that she couldn’t use which is called “translucent” but looks dark orange that no-one with light skin could use. From that I assumed shades all came in one light tan shade that excluded anyone who wasn’t medium. At least in my country that’s all you could get at the time.

    • Marie Just Marie says:

      +Paulina Contreras I am being honest. It was hard finding shades that worked with my skin tone as a young girl. Covergirl was one of the few makeup companies that introduced wider shades for women when I was growing up.

    • Paulina Contreras says:

      Tom Jones Back then, they were only super pale foundation shades since the audience were white women. I believe that maybe she was referring to her undertone?

  3. lullabyemoon says:

    Thanks for doing this video. I am going to try the primer. I never even knew that existed! Goes to show you how often I go down the makeup isle and really look at the products! It’s usually grab and go.

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