Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation || Review & Wear Test || Best Drugstore Foundation

Continuing our search for the best drugstore makeup! This time I’m testing the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation! Wear test and review time on 10 best selling drugstore foundations! Close ups in natural lighting with no filters, 10h wear tests and all that jam! My skin is combination so I get oily but I also have some dry patches so it’s an interesting test!

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Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation (F4)
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YesStyle (International)
Mikeala Beauty (Canada)

Dynamite Clothing

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  1. BeautywithEmilyFox says:

    Have you tried this foundation? How do you feel about it? 😀

  2. Melanie Lisk says:

    I dermaplain my whiskers lol yes whiskers…I have like three/four dark hairs at the top outer edge of my upper lip… I do it about every two three weeks. Works well for me. I also remove all my peach fuzz with the dermaplain razor.

  3. Jenna War says:

    I only do my eye makeup before if 1) I am doing a bold/dramatic/glittery/fallout look and 2) I remember to do that lol For instance I used a pigment today because I am going to the ariana grande concert but I did my face first because I forgot lol oh well! glitter face it is!
    Also I wax. It isn’t a lot of work, but an investment since I pay for someone else to do it for me! I did laser on my underarms but not my face because it would discolor my skin. I have dark hair but tan skin, so it should work well for you because the darker the hair and the lighter the skin you have the better it works.

  4. Skb Ss says:

    I was always afraid of the word “laser” n I always heard how bad it hurts, but there is lasers that dont hurt at all I really recommend lasers I been using it for over 6 months I can see huge diffrence but it’s not completely gone yet I’m just gonna use it to it’s gone

  5. Amal Emily says:

    Was having thought about the foundation, so thanks for the vid. I tweeze my moustache, bytheway

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