Makeup, Skincare, & Hair Products Mini Reviews/Empties – TARTE, MILANI, MARC JACOBS – PART 1

Hi Guys! This is PART 1 of Makeup, Skincare & Hair Products MINI REVIEWS/EMPTIES.


Videos Mentioned:

Products Mentioned:

1. Mineral Fusion
2. Elta MD
4. Caudalie
5. IS Clinical
6. Makeup Setting Spray
7. Body Butter or
8. Vegan deodorant
9. AHA Serum
10. Kate Somerville
11. Carol’s Daughter – every link I find says it’s out of stock, sorry
12. Gray Away
13. Vitamin C Serums and or
14. Antioxidant Serum
15. Luminous Eye Serum
16. Clarify Shampoo
17. Anti Hair Loss Shampoo (new look)
18. Root Concealer (dark brown) or
19. Avene or
20. SkinFix Body Lotion
21. Kenra hairspray
22. Dry Shampoo
23. Allastin
24. Macadamia Hair Mask
25. Toner
26. Nexxus
27. Face Concealer (not sold anymore)
28. Eyeliner
29. Milani Blush
30. Illuminating Body Butter

Makeup Worn:

Face Concealer (FREE SHIPPING) or
Under Eye Concealers and
Milani Blush (not in stores anymore, online only)
Lash Growth Serum (FREE SHIPPING)
Eyeshadow Palette or (this is cheaper at Ulta or
Mascara and
Eyelliner and
Eyebrow Pencil or
City Lips (Peachy Pink) 10% off and free shipping on orders over $50 with code: GRACEFULBEAUTY10
Laura Geller lipgloss
Lip Liner (brick)


  1. Chrissy2blovely says:

    Great video

  2. Nathalie TheBeautyDiva says:

    Good Morning Sheri, thanks for talking dirty to us lol, kidding aside, I enjoyed your empties as I so appreciate your mini-reviews. I too am a fanatic of Josie Maran’s Body Butters, they are the best and make your skin feel so divine!! You certainly teased us with some of your upcoming videos, can’t wait. Happy Thursday my gorgeous friend. Love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo

    • Graceful Beauty says:

      LOL. Nathalie you just made me laugh out loud. Too funny! Yes aren’t the body butters so yummy. I think I love the peach one the best but I really like alot of them. Happy Thursday to you too beautiful and say hi to Matilda! lol

  3. Deb Melton says:

    Hi Sherri I’m a new subbie and I loved the empties – great to see what others are using up. I too am looking forward to the video on essences. I’d like to try something different. Enjoy the rest of your week!! Deb 🙂

    • Graceful Beauty says:

      Deb Melton so happy to meet you. Thanks so much for subscribing. I know, it’s fun to see what everyone else uses up. I love empties videos. Yes I will be uploading the essence video soon. They are great for oily skin and dry skin. I think everyone can benefit from essences and my skin is loving them. Thanks again for subscribing and thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it and hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. tracylee3k says:

    Hi Sherri! I’m looking forward to your video on essences. I’ve been using the Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (K Beauty) every morning for the past few months and I’ve really been enjoying it. I hadn’t used an essence on a regular basis before so I’m interested in learning more about other product lines. Seems like the Milani blush you have definitely turned. I have a few Milani blushes and none of them smell bad. I definitely recommend the Milani powder blush in 01 Romantic Rose.
    I was disappointed to see that the Anti Hair Loss shampoo you mentioned doesn’t ship to Canada. I’m looking into a brand called ‘B. the product’. They have a biotin / vitamin hair growth shampoo and conditioner that look promising based on the reviews so I’ll probably give this one a try. Hope you’re having a great week!

    • Graceful Beauty says:

      Hi there tracylee3k! Yes I will be uploading the essence video with in a couple weeks. I really am loving using them in my skincare routine. They are making such a difference in my skin for sure! I haven’t heard of the Secret Key Essence. I’ll have to look that one up. Yes, I love Milani baked blushes and wear them almost every day but this Romantic Rose blush smelled terrible. I think it must have been bad then. I will probably buy that cute little blush trio I saw then. Oh, poo, I’m sorry it doesn’t ship to Canada. I did a video on hair loss (I linked it in the comments section) and there are some other shampoos and serums I have used that I really felt helped my hair grow back. Perhaps some of those ship to Canada. I like products with Biotin and DHT blockers. Also Beauty by Anne-Marie did a video recently on using topical Melatonin for hair loss and she said she had great results. I also did a scalp massage every day or 2, with a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil to stimulate growth. I massaged it in for a few minutes, then shampoo. I don’t like biotin vitamins because I break out. I’m interested in the shampoo you are looking into. I’ll have to read up on it. I love learning about new products. Thanks so much for your recommendations and I hope you have a great week as well!

  5. LoveLee says:

    Hi Gorgeous Eyes!!!! Another great informative video…and I thought I was the only one who watches home shopping channels….:) I refer to it as my “guilty” pleasure….:) I’m so glad you’re doing a video on essences because to be honest, I don’t get it…I’ve tried several, and I don’t really notice that they’re much different then a toner (which I love) so maybe I’m just using the wrong ones…I’ve tried Missha, and SKII (got a sample, because of course it’s crazy $$$$$) so I’m looking forward to your thoughts/favorites….And I love a good Vitamin C serum (like Skinceuticals) but I’m interested in hearing what the product is that you like better, so I’m looking forward to that as well….How wonderful that you travel alot….It’s such a great way to experience different cultures and meet interesting people along the way…I’m sure you have fabulous memories/moments!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

    • LoveLee says:

      Hi…Thanks so much for letting me know about the butter bronzer…I just pulled out mine to see what the shade is and it just says “Bronzer” (which did nothing for me…:) so I’m going to look into finding the “deeper” one you like, though I still may have a hard time getting past the very strong smell….:) The PF that I like and am currently using ( I LOVE my bronzers, I really need to do a video on the ones I like…:) is Glow Boosting BB Bronzer in Med to Dark and there’s titanium dioxide at 6% in it, which is another reason I like this bronzer so much, and am sad that it seems to me at least when looking for it, they don’t carry it any longer…:( Off to Amazon/Ebay to hunt it down!!

    • Graceful Beauty says:

      Haha! I LOVE QVC & HSN…Yes I’m one of those nerds who thinks a fun night at home is watching Friday Night Beauty on QVC and ordering a pizza! LOL. You know, I didn’t get essences either at 1st and now I am obsessed. I have seen such a difference in my skin and wish I had been using them sooner. Yes we love to travel and we do quite often. Unfortunately we love to eat everything in sight when we travel too, so I need to get on a workout routine soon or I’ll be doing videos on Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem soon. Oh, I picked up the darker Butter Bronzer on Friday…it was the shade darker than Bronzer ( I forget the name…maybe deep bronzer) Anyways, I REALLY like it. Need to keep testing it, but so far I like it much better than the 1st one I tried. I haven’t ordered the one you like yet. Have that one on my list.

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