Makeup & Skincare Mini Reviews/Empties – Anastasia Beverly Hills, City Beauty, Timeless PART 2


Makeup, Skincare & Hair products EMPTIES & MINI REVIEWS – Part 2


1. Matrixyl
2. Lash Serum
3. Essential Oils
4. Oil Mister
5. Mascaras and and
6. Brow pencils and
7. Cerave
8. Cellex-c
9. Neostrata neck
10. Neostrata glycolic wash
11. Nivea – (i don’t think this is sold anymore)
12. Sheet Masks Use code GRACEFULBEAUTY10 for 10% off your purchase and FREE SHIPPING over $50 (but if you are new to this company, use thier new customer discount code for a little more savings)
13. Face Shaver
14. Avene Thermal Spring Water
15. Sugar Scrub
16. Retin-A (i get with prescription at Dr.)
17. Blending Sponge
18. Kate Somerville
19. Meladerm
20. Tea Tree
21. Kenra
22. Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil
23. Coffee Body Scrub
24. Nail Polish/treatment
25. Lip Gloss

Makeup Worn:

Face Concealer or
Under Eye Concealers and
Milani Blush (not in stores anymore, online only)
Lash Growth Serum (FREE SHIPPING)
Eyeshadow Palette or (this is cheaper at Ulta or
Mascara and
Eyeliner and
Eyebrow Pencil or
City Lips (Peachy Pink) 10% off and free shipping on orders over $50 with code: GRACEFULBEAUTY10
Lip Liner (brick)

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  1. LoveLee says:

    Hi Ya..Gorgeous!! I LOVE my Panasonic “shaver”….I’ve tried many other kinds of face shavers, (especially, now when my peach fuzz seems to be sprouting legs….:) but that is my favorite that I go to time and time again…I think I’ve had it for years with no issues and it just works!!! I’ll have to try that Timeless Matrixyl…I have other Matrixyl’s that I like alot but haven’t tried that one….I’ve tried several Timeless products and haven’t been too impressed, but it could be me, who knows, but since you like it I might have to give it a go….;) Have a wonderful week!!

  2. Rachel Schultz says:

    I just found your channel! Love it! Was wondering if you use the Tinkle razors for face, or something else?

    • Graceful Beauty says:

      Hi Rachel! So happy you found my channel and I’m super happy you are enjoying it. I actually have not tried the Tinkle razors. I have read good reviews though. I just use a single blade razor and shave my face dry (very carefully and pull the skin taut) but the Panasonic one in this video is really nice. I’ve used it for years. I also have the Finishing Touch and it’s ok, but nothing beats shaving with a razor in my opinion. Thanks so much for watching!

  3. Jenifer Jenkins says:

    I love DIY’s! I’d love to see how you make your own Air Fresheners! And that coconut coffee scrub sounds heavenly! 💕

    • Graceful Beauty says:

      Yes I will definitely upload a video soon of my little DIY room sprays. Plus they are so much better for us instead of those sprays with harmful chemicals. I didn’t think I would love the sugar scrub so much, but I even just wash my hands with it during the day for a little pick me up. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Michele Hilliard-Hodge says:

    I really love your videos…always such great advice. I have a list of new products to try.❤️

    • Graceful Beauty says:

      Oh I’m so glad to hear that Michele. Well I’m always testing out a ton of products so I hope my suggestions can help. Thanks so much for watching and I hope your’e having a wonderful weekend!

  5. Chrissy2blovely says:

    You did this so well. You did not talk about one product forever and you explained each product so good.

    • Graceful Beauty says:

      Thank you so much. Well I do ramble on and on so thank goodness for editing LOL But thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate you watching my channel.

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